The Most Unfortunate Sports Wardrobe Malfunctions You Have To See!

Anyone who has ever been to the gym or the swimming pool knows what it’s like to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction when you’re least expecting it. However, when you’re a professional athlete competing around the world, suffering from a wardrobe fail may cost you more than just an embarrassing photo. That’s what makes the following 12 photos so unfortunate. You’ve got to hand it to these pros for going with the flow¬†even when all of their fans got a glimpse of a little extra something.¬†Here are the most unfortunate sports wardrobe malfunctions!

Jeff Francoeur

Nicknamed “Frenchy”, Jeff Francoeur is an American professional baseball right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. While he may excel at his game on the field, it seems that when it comes to his last name, some people are still struggling to remember how to pronounce or better yet, write it.
athlete wardrobe malfunctions

Sit back and enjoy these amazing sports wardrobe malfunctions. These don’t happen often, but when they do it is pure GOLD!

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