See How This Filipino Boy’s Life Completely Changed After A Photo Of Him Went Viral!


9-year-old Daniel Cabrera, a homeless Filipino boy, is more than a few steps closer to realizing his dreams of becoming a policeman after a photo of him studying outside of a McDonald’s franchise went viral. In the picture, Daniel is seen sitting at a makeshift table in the street, using the light from the restaurant to complete his school work. Even certain people who are lucky enough to enjoy electricity don’t possess that kind of self discipline. When the image hit the web, Daniel’s mother, Christina Espinosa, was sent cash, school supplies and a college scholarship fund. She was thrilled and overwhelmed by the support.

Filipino boy-Daniel studying

“We’re overjoyed. I don’t know what I will do with all of these blessings,” said Ms. Espinosa, a 42-year-old grocery store employee. “Now, Daniel will not have to suffer just to finish his studies.”


The image, which was originally posted on a Facebook page, was shared 7,000 times and garnered worldwide attention. The post also inspired local policemen to award Daniel a scholarship grant. Ms. Espinosa and her three youngest children are living in the grocery store where she works, because their shanty home was demolished by a fire five years ago.

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Daniel’s mother said she earns 80 pesos a day, which is equivalent to $1.77. She supplements her earnings by selling cigarettes and candy on the streets. While Daniel’s life may have changed for the better, almost one quarter of Filipinos live on less than a dollar a day. We’re far from ensuring every human livable wages, but we’re thrilled about Daniel’s bright future.

Filipino boy-Daniel at school

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